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Best Indian Restaurants In Hong Kong 2019

“Complex cooking and Indian flavours with a homely touch in this fine dining spot. The original Hong Kong Chandni Resturant  has a Michelin star.”

“’They said to me, ‘Name one Chandni Restaurant where you can spend that kind of money!’ They wanted an Indian restaurant with all these international elements, like mixology, a great drinks list. So this was what I set about trying to construct.’”


Word from Our Chef

Zakir is many things. To the ministers, the lawyers, the businessman and
the families who cross the threshold of Chandni Restaurant in Pretoria
every month, his primarily a restaurateur. As the first Indian Man
to open and own an establishment of this calibre in Hong Kong, he’s
also an astute business mind — and her many awards acknowledge the
quality of his cuisine as well as his entrepreneurial instinct. is
also a poet, a Father, a Son and a traveller who loves yoga… But
to call his a chef is a painful understatement; is a culinary

Zakir is a nationally celebrated chef / restaurateur specializing
in all styles of Indian Multi-cuisine. He is renowned for the keen interest
and excitement, brings to all his efforts. His passion for Indian food
began at an early age. As a little boy, I spent time learning the
ancient traditions of classical Indian Multi-cuisine. At age ten,
realised his deep connection to food sprung from an even deeper
connection to his history. Learning family traditions from his mother
further piqued his interest and in his early teens, was making
appetisers at his home parties.

A phenomenon that caught the attention of the Indian with his
intensive travels. Extensive knowledge of Indian gastronomy has given
him a wide range of ideas to draw upon and a broad framework to create
incomparable and innovative cuisine. In culinary school, began to
develop his style by seeking novel and inventive approaches to Eastern
ingredients using the classical technique.

I am proud of my Indian roots, the local presence of different
populations have made this land fertile and generous aroma, flavours and
traditions to which I am inspired every day for my job as a Chef and

My purpose in the kitchen is a return to simplicity, choice of ingredient for processing.

The hype created around the figure of the star chefs has led to
an exacerbation of the phenomenon. The debate on food as a work of art,
creation and journey in the tradition of each country, it has served to
stimulate new ideas and concepts. In my view, I talk about food as a way
to travel without moving, tasting recipes that express an inner
strength that makes the original unique experience, a kind of

I love what I do every day, allows me to explore with their
imagination and to devote me to the proposals of my ever-changing
the menu, a tribute to all who wish to join this trip.

What is the future of Indian food in India? This is a question that
is often debated by chefs, restaurateurs and foodies. And clearly,
looking at the spate of big launches in the few two years, one would
have to acknowledge that while a wealth of regional and community
cuisines lie unexplored, it is what is now known as “contemporary
Indian dining” that is taking centre stage.

Marrying Indian flavours and recipes with European/French
presentation, meats and sometimes even cooking techniques are the posh,
new favourites in India– not just with tourists and Westerners but also
with the local crowd. After all, to justify an Indian meal in a fancy
restaurant in these days of global excess, a diner must be able to
identify it as an “experience”.

The best of expanding its Indian food line with the debut of Chandni
signature dishes and recipes making it easy for people all over the
country to enjoy creations, arts and cultures of Authentic Indian


Meet Our Team



Our passion is a contemporary restaurant offering dining experiences to satisfy all aspects of fine cuisine: beverage selection, service, ambience and atmosphere. Our menu reflects the diversity of India, steeped in the classics while offering deft touches of modernity. Our wine programs are constructed to pique the interest of the novice yet be alluring to the enthusiast and to focus on regions that best compliment our cuisine. Our service style emphasizes hospitality with knowledgeable, technically proficient staff who are present yet unobtrusive. The result is a vibrant and trendsetting scene, full of energy and sophistication. Grand  is a place of gathering, a place of celebration, a place for business and a place for pleasure



Old World Indian artistry and modern elegance with natural elements throughout the space, hand-chiseled ribbons of carved black Indian limestone, sand stone statues, antique wood carvings and Venetian like mirrors set the tones for a unique Moscow dining experience


Mr. Schultz comes with over a decade of experience in the hospitality industry and will be responsible for day-to-day operations of the F&B unit, achieving revenue targets and driving unique guest experiences at the hotel. Mr. Schultz started his career with the Rambagh Palace, Jaipur in 2007. He has worked across leading hospitality brands in India including the Leela Gurugram. His last assignment was at the Courtyard by Marriott Gurugram as Food & Beverage Manager. His in-depth knowledge of the overall F&B industry and diverse experience in managing fine dining restaurants has contributed to his professional success.